Friday, February 14, 2014

Poetry for my Little Sweethearts on Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day, it's my favorite holiday. The romantic kissy stuff is one reason but mostly, it's because it is full of pink and a special day to tell those you care about just how much you love them. This year, for the little sweethearts in my life, I decided to write each of them a poem. 

For my daughter I wrote:


We love your gorgeous smile, the sound of your giggles and your pretty brown eyes, 
somedays you’re going to feel ugly but you’ll always be beautiful, even your thighs.

Sometimes there is no time for play, so much to do, and no way out of it, 
but we’re here to hug you when you feel like it’s too hard and nothing will fit. 

You’re smart, every bone in your body is creative, and you must have the sweetest heart, 
On occasion you mess up, be confident you are still great and fix it, don’t be a fart.

You have a very special place in our family no one else can fill, only you, 
remember you’re loved a whole lot, no matter what, so don’t ever be blue.

Happy Valentine’s Day wishes and kisses to our girlie girl,
The world is your oyster, don’t you forget you’re the pearl. 

For my son I wrote:


We love your funny stories and the dimples on your cheeks,
we know you struggle to be healthy and some days you feel weak. 

But you’re making good choices and healing every day,
and we are here to help you each step of the way.

When the brains in your head think the anxiety can rule, 
just remember you’re coping skills are the right tool. 

If the HULK in you wants to destroy the world and you get real loud,
we still love you with all our hearts and you make us very proud.

Don’t forget all there is to LOVE in your life when you get blue,
Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart and many kisses to you! 

They read these poems out loud tonight and I think they liked them. I know they mean something to them now but someday it'll mean much more. I love my children. Our lives get chaotic and crazy, especially now with all of Calvin's treatments, but I won't let it steal the magic. I am not a poet but I had to try. They are each struggling in different ways as we all are. Life gets hard, but today is a special day and with LOVE anything is possible. So, Happy Valentine's Day wishes to everyone, I hope you all felt loved today in some small way.